Daddy Love

"I'm down at the depot, I'm just biding my time, I'm waiting for the girl who, just left someone else behind..." Down at the Depot - Richard Love

The Players:
Guitar & Vocals - Richard "Daddy" Love

The Music:
Rural Acoustic Folk / Street Corner Blues. Singer/Songwriter Daddy Love plays a variety of styles depending on the song. Experience with hosting & playing open mic shows, bookstore shows, bar shows and playing at the depot for the Heartland Flyer passengers every Friday morning has given Daddy the ability to connect with audiences of great diversity. From love songs to the blues Daddy's songs take a look at life and the colorful characters who pass through it with a wry sense of humor.
"Even your worst day can make a good song."

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"Play music because you love to.
Write songs because you need to!"


Phone: 405 640-5795