A-Level Physics by Roger Muncaster

It covers the whole syllabus for A-level and has lots of worked examples which help to explain the theory

However, the large friendly font presents all that is required to bridge from school to college Physics is in here

I considered a number of similar text books before getting this one


With the growth of modular assessment at A-level and the proposed introduction of the Advanced Subsidiary level, students, teachers and those responsible for standards in examinations must assess the impact of a number of factors on performance. This study …

… ABSTRACT Enjoyment of physics lessons in the senior secondary school has been shown tobe related to attainment in the GCE O- and A-level physics examinations … PELL, AW (1975) Theswing from A-level physics,unpublished MA dissertation, University of Lancaster …

A coupled level set method for the motion of multiple junctions is proposed. The new method extends the" Hamilton-Jacobi" level set formulation of Osher and Sethian. It retains the feature of tracking fronts by following level sets and allows the specification of arbitrary …

… Females who had chosen to study A-level physics tended to be more able than theirmale colleagues, and they exhibited greater person orientation as evidenced by theiropinions of desirable course content and their choice of careers …

LevelScheme is a scientific figure preparation system for Mathematica. The main emphasis is upon the construction of level schemes, or level energy diagrams, as used in nuclear, atomic, molecular, and hadronic physics. LevelScheme also provides a general …

There has been much concern recently in the UK about the decline in the number of students studying physics beyond age 16. To investigate why this might be we used data from a national database of student qualifications and a multilevel modelling technique to …

… For example, in this period, the proportion of A-level students passing A-level physics has risenfrom 4.6 per cent to 4.9 per cent and chemistry from 3.8 per cent to 5.1 per cent, whereas theproportion passing in English has grown from 5.7 per cent to 14.4 per cent.9 A similar …

… Computational Physics. Stochastic Simulation in Physics draws together materialfrom widely scattered sources, and presents it at a level accessible to the advancedundergraduate in the physical sciences. Graduate students …

… It is found that cultural border crossing factors are important predictors for attitudestowards physics as well as for choice of A‐level physics in the Danish upper secondaryschool ('gymnasium'). Introduction — the Danish setting …

In the context of structural optimization we propose a new numerical method based on a combination of the classical shape derivative and of the level-set method for front propagation. We implement this method in two and three space dimensions for a model of …

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