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Both Powell and Silverglate decided to join forces to write this essential and long-awaited book in order to answer the questions and the challenges that each of them has faced over the past several years: “OK,” they’ve been told

In 2009, Harvey A. Silverglate, a prominent criminal defense and civil liberties lawyer, published his landmark critique of the federal criminal justice system, Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent.

Silverglate, a prominent criminal defense and civil liberties lawyer, published his landmark critique of the federal criminal justice system, Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent

The Rise of Big Data Policing

The Rise of Big Data Policing introduces the cutting-edge technology that is changing how the police do their jobs and shows why it is more important than ever that citizens understand the far-reaching consequences of big data surveillance as a law enforcement tool

Licensed to Lie

This is the book that began exposing "the Deep State

Conviction Machine

In 2014, Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor in three districts under nine United States Attorneys from both political parties and who has been lead counsel in 500 federal appeals, published her landmark indictment of the system, Licensed To Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, after she witnessed appalling abuses by prosecutors—more than a decade after she entered private practice

Wrongful Conviction and Criminal Justice Reform

Written to be accessible to students, Wrongful Conviction and Criminal Justice Reform is a main text for wrongful convictions courses or a secondary text for more general courses in criminal justice, political science, and law school innocence clinics


This book analyzes how the cost of ‘small’ wars drives the state to choose remote war and preemption in order to hide the conflict from its domestic populations

Machine Learning with Swift

We’ll start with machine learning basics in the first part of the book to develop a lasting intuition about fundamental machine learning concepts

How to Avoid a Drunk Driving Arrest and Conviction

This book provides both simple and outrageously effective strategies that are proven money and misery savers

Guidelines Manual

The Shame of the Cities

Taking a hard look at the unprincipled lives of political bosses, police corruption, graft payments, and other political abuses of the time, the book set the style for future investigative reporting

Ethnicity and Machine Politics

The story of the Madison Club tells how the ethnic, religious, racial and generational transitions affect decisions, group cohesion and the success of political organizations at all levels

Littell's Living Age

Thence he would trace the cord the wheelwork “ out of gear ; " while the into the spinning machine , which at the … connection with visual observation could teach him , the the main shaft , he comes to the conviction machine might be self …

Convicting the Innocent

In this unsettling analysis, Garrett examines what went wrong in the cases of the first 250 people exonerated by DNA testing, and proposes systemic reforms.


And just when you think you have heard it all there will be another call that you can’t imagine

Machine Learning

Machinelearning sits at the core of deep dive data analysis andvisualization, which is increasingly in demand as companiesdiscover the goldmine hiding in their existing data

Machines Like Me

It isn't long before a love triangle soon forms, and these three beings confront a profound moral dilemma

Forfeiture of Patent Rights on Conviction Under Laws Prohibiting Monopoly

Here are some data showing the sale by the Radio Corporation of America of condenser microphone equipment. This was sold to the Chicago Federation of Labor. The law has been established by the Supreme Court, and it seems impossible …

Three Felonies a Day

Reveals how federal criminal laws have become dangerously disconnected from the English common law tradition and how prosecutors can pin arguable federal crimes on any citizen of any social class or profession, for even the most seemingly innocuous behavior

The Shadow University

The Shadow University unmasks a chilling reality for parents who entrust their sons and daughters to the authority of such institutions, for thinking people who recognize that vigorous debate is the only sure path to truth, and for all …

The Wrongful Conviction of Oscar Pistorius

Hearing a sound emanating from his bathroom, he grabbed his pistol and he stumbled to the washroom, screaming at the intruders to leave

Images of Conviction

From the scientific methods developed by Alphonse Bertillon, a criminologist who worked for the Préfecture de Police de Paris in the late 19th century, to the first aerial images of the front taken by the army during World War I, to the shots allowing the victims of Stalin's Great Purge to be identified–for over 150 years photography has served as proof, testifying to crime and thus seeming to deliver truths

… wanted to check the theorem empirically by looking at specific cases, doubtless in order to satisfyan inner need for conviction … Apart from navigation issues (such as: which inference rule shouldbe applied next?), the whole procedure might be done by machine, and frequently …

Page 1. An Experiment with Association Rules and Classification: Post-Bagging and Conviction*Alıpio M. Jorge and Paulo J. Azevedo … We also discuss the predic- tive power of different metricsused for association rule mining, such as confidence, lift, conviction and χ2 …

The action of the doer, who uses the faulty of ATM machine to draw money, has proved that it is a crime for social harmfulness and subjective viciousness. However, what crime it would be, which is being heatedly discussed by the theory circle and judicial circle. According to …

Conviction of the innocent: Lessons from psychological research. Citation. Cutler, BL (Ed.). (2012).Conviction of the innocent: Lessons from psychological research. Washington, DC, US: AmericanPsychological Association. Abstract …

… English (1998) has included routine post‐conviction polygraph examinations as an essentialcomponent in his 'Containment Approach' for managing adult sex offenders … works carries an auraof mystery, but the true mystery is not in the function of the polygraph machine, but in …

Page 1. OXFORD LEGAL PHILOSOPHY CONSCIENCE AND CONVICTION The Casefor Civil Disobedience Brownlee Kimberley Page 2 … Page 4. Conscience and ConvictionTheCaseforCivilDisobedience Kimberley Brownlee Page 5 …

Page 1. CHRISTIAN BELIEF IN A POSTMODERN WORLD The Full Wealth of Conviction Page2. Page 3 … Page 5. Diogenes Allen Christian Belief in a Postmodern World The Full Wealth ofConviction Westminster/John Knox Press Louisville, Kentucky Page 6 …

In 2009, Harvey A. Silverglate, a prominent criminal defense and civil liberties lawyer, published his landmark critique of the federal criminal justice system, Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent. In 2014, Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor in …

… systems 13. Page 15. Evaluation measures in Machine Learning tp tn fn c … ADDENDA “…colleaguesat the Computer Science department at Saarland University have a strong conviction, that nothingis as practical as a good theory.” Reinhard Wilhelm, quoted by Cristian Calude …