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… Centre,University of Northeast Japan,Xiantai City,980-8576,Japan). During the Edo(江户)period,the feudal lords in Japan adopted Chinese culture and imported Chinese books for usein governance.Tokuyama and Saiki domains collected not only erotic novels in Chinese,but …

… A Comparative Study of Eroticism in The Tale of Genji andDream of the RedChamber—Also on the Influence of Erotic Outlook in Ancient Japanese and ChineseCultures Upon the Two Novels. Rao Daoqing. Eroticism is a major …

… love-leading-to-marriage stories, in which the necessary goal of passion itself is lawful matrimony.”2 The erotic stories that … Download to read the full chapter text … Brigitte Egger, “Women and Marriagein the Greek Novels,” in The Search for the Ancient Novel, ed. James Tatum …

… Comparative Study of Two Novels: Dissoluteness History and Sex andZen——Discussion of Some Issues of Erotic Novels. SHI Lin(Hubei NormalUniversity,Huangshi Hubei,435002). Most of reviews of erotic novels are written …

… ZHANG Guo-pei;School of Liberal Arts,Hebei Normal University; The late Ming Dynasty witnessedthe prosperity of huabenstories,which included homosexual novels.According to their sexualdescriptions,these novels are part of the erotic novels.There is,however,an …

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… This book enhances the understanding of the erotic romances of Philip Sidney, Shakespeare,and Lady Mary Sidney Wroth by setting … Valuable perspective on the early translations is offeredthrough the modern English versions in BP Reardon's Collected Ancient Greek Novels …

… Download full text in PDFDownload. Share. Export. Advanced. Chapter contents; Book contents.Pornography and Sexual Aggression … Listed under English titles such as Hungry Pussy, cheapEnglish-language erotica is as accessible as the more classic forms of erotic novels …