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Intended to help those who may be trapped by their debt situation, Financial Breakthrough discusses why we get into debt, how debt affects our lives, what the Bible has to say about debt, specific steps you can take to get out of debt, and wealth-building tips for a life after debt

Travis Moody shares his personal story of how he went from being $100,000 in debt to debt free in just three years and the spiritual truths and biblical lessons he learned along the way

The 10-Day Financial Breakthrough

The 10-Day Financial Breakthrough will easily and quickly equip you with the tools you need to assure long term personal, financial success

Decrees for Your Financial Breakthrough

In this book, Patricia King opens your eyes to God's prosperity plan for you and gives you powerful scripture-based decrees to open heaven's windows of blessing over your life

Breaking the Yoke of Financial Hardship

It helps you to know the principles that opens financial doors and the prayers to remove hindrance and obstacles to financial blessing

Command Your Money

More importantly, you'll have the wisdom to move forward financially

Prayers and Promises for Financial Breakthrough

But financial setbacks and debt plague our world and afflict those God loves

Fasting for Financial Breakthrough

These nine fasts are explained in more detail in my book Fasting for Spiritual
Breakthrough. … how fasting solves problemsin a general way and how to gain
new insights by fasting, it does not discuss fasting to solve financial problems.
Just as …

Fasting For Financial Breakthrough

Our focus in this book will be on creating the right understanding of fasting and using that understanding to deal a final blow to financial blockages

Forgiveness and Repentance lead to Financial Breakthrough!

They are hidden because many don t allow time in Christ to work its way through it

Your 90 Day Financial Breakthrough

Anointed minister and author The Power Coach Madeline Alexander shows readers how to transform their finances in 90 days or less, using powerful promises from the word of God, scripture-based warfare prayers, and practical action steps grounded in biblical principles

Strategies for Financial Breakthrough

Strategies For Financial Breakthrough will lead you to discover.

Financial Breakthrough

God has always provided a way to stabilize us from the sway and turn great tests into testimonies

14 Days Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

If you are tired of what life has to offer or what the enemy is doing with your life; it is time to confront your situation with the power of well-arranged and well-designed prayers to meet your needs and transform your life

The Daniel Fast for Financial BreakthroughThe Daniel Fast for Financial Breakthrough

Now, in The Daniel Fast for Financial Breakthrough, she leads us on a journey to practice the spiritual discipline of fasting while learning to honor God with our finances

Your 10-Day Spiritual Action Plan for Complete Financial Breakthrough

From day one, you'll saturate your life with the Word of God, using the enclosed tools, including: Uncompromised, detailed teaching about prosperity by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland Scriptures to stand on every day Interactive, devotional questions designed to help you take action and apply what you learn A suggested schedule for the next 10 days to saturate you life with God's Word concerning your prosperity Daily "Faith in Action" cards that give you a connection point with the materials, even when you're away from home Worship music you can take with you anywhere, that focuses on God's heart for your financial well-being Bonus DVD-video teaching, teaching carefully selected to keep you focuses on the Word By following this simple and practical Spiritual Action Plan, in 10 days, you'll completely renew your mind to what God says about your finances, so you can stand in faith and believe for the breakthrough you need

Biblical Principles of Prosperity

* Christians and non-Christians need to read this book, again and again; it will change the way you think about money

Financial Breakthrough

Travis Moody shares his personal story of how he went from being $100,000 in debt to debt free in just three years and the spiritual truths and biblical lessons he learned along the way

50 Inspirational Prayers for Financial Breakthrough and Divine Healing

They are scripture-based prayers that are intended to remind us of God's promises concerning our finances and health