Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Disappointed I am pretty certain I ordered a new copy of this book to add to the collection I’ve started for my unborn son

Perhaps the perfect children's bedtime book, Goodnight Moon is a short poem of goodnight wishes from a young rabbit preparing for–or attempting to postpone–his own slumber

PS I am doing an EDIT because of comments I read regarding this classic


Research into the effect of questions asked during storybook reading in preschool settings has rarely investigated questions that elicit higher order thinking. In the current study, Blank et al.'s Four Levels of Abstraction were used to code teacher questions and child responses …

… Parents can share books, Internet information, and data col- lected during night viewing sessions.Goodnight Moon Children learn how the moon phases are created through direct, concreteexperiences that allow the develop- ment of understanding from their own viewpoints …

… [4] 3.1 Iterative Book Design The first 3D printed tactile picture book we created was atranscription of the classic book, “Goodnight Moon”, by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated byClement Hurd. We obtained permission from the publisher of this book …

Separation and loss have been important themes in the psychoanalytic literature since Freud (1920) wrote about his eighteen-month-old grandson's efforts to master a brief separation through repetitive play. Indeed, some writers have suggested that failure to gain …

… Page 15. Page 16. Goodnight iPad Page 17. Page 18. Goodnight Doom Goodnight bird Launchingover the moon Page 19. Page 20. Goodnight Nooks And digital books Goodnight EminemGoodnight Facebook friend Page 21. Page 22. Goodnight LOLs Goodnight MP3s Page 23 …

… Considered an editor of maverick temperament and taste, her unorthodox vision helpedcreate such classics as Goodnight Moon, Charlotte's Web, Where the Wild ThingsAre, Harold and the Purple Crayon, and The Giving Tree …

In a letter written by Vincent van Gogh to his brother Theo on October 16, 1888, the painter outlines his plans for what wA¼l later become his favorite of over 900 paintings:" Today I am aU right again…. I have a new idea in my head. Another canvasA—this time it's just simply …

… Goodnight Moon (1947), Where the Wild Things Are (1963), Madeline (1939), and The VelveteenRabbit (1922) are beloved icons of comfort, and yet the bodily relationship between parent andchild characters depicted in these books is extremely deprived … Goodnight Moon …

… and catalogues, for example, seem to govern everything from the excerpts of Homer in Hellenisticpa- pyri, to the medieval and Renaissance alphabets, to Crusoe's inventories, Scrooge'sdouble-entry bookkeeping, and the contents of the “great green room” of Goodnight Moon …

… The red walls of the living room scene have, for instance, a Matisse-like intensity that will betransformed by Clement Hurd into "the great green room" of Brown's Goodnight Moon … The bestand most famous of Brown's child-alone-in-the-wide-world plots is Goodnight Moon …

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