Albert Einstein


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In recent decades, there have been major advances in neuroscience at the behavioural and neural levels, but the long-standing issue of the neurobiological basis of variation in intelligence remains unresolved … Around the turn of the 20th century, much attention was focused on anatomical …

“Hoffmann does more than convey the emotional impact of Einstein's science on Einstein. He tries to make the general reader see the problems that concerned Einstein and understand the kinds of theories he constructed to solve them… This calls for scientific …

Neuron: glial ratios were determined in specific regions of Albert Einstein's cerebral cortex to compare with samples from 11 human male cortices. Cell counts were made on either 6-or 20-μm sections from areas 9 and 39 from each hemisphere. All sections were stained with …

Albert Einstein's achievements are not just milestones in the history of science; decades ago they became an integral part of the twentieth-century world in which we live. Like no other modern physicist he altered and expanded our understanding of nature. Like few other …

In the century since the publication of the special theory of relativity, there remains a tendency to venerate Einstein's genius without actually understanding his achievement. This book offers the opportunity to truly comprehend the workings of one of humanity's greatest …

Since the death of Albert Einstein in 1955 there have been many books and articles written about the man and a number of attempts to" explain" relativity. In this new major work Abraham Pais, himself an eminent physicist who worked alongside Einstein in the post-war …

“Einstein was not only the ablest man of science of his generation, he was also a wise man, which is something different. If statesmen had listened to him, the course of human events would have been less disastrous than it has been.” This verdict, from the Preface by …

Albert Einstein The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed. Albert …

In 1903, despite the vehement objections of his parents, Albert Einstein married Mileva Maric, the companion, colleague, and confidante whose influence on his most creative years has given rise to much speculation. Beginning in 1897, after Einstein and Maric met as …

The paper was, however, subsequently accepted for publication by the Journal of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, 6 a periodical in which Einstein had already published. The paper appeared with radically altered conclusions in early 1937. A letter dated 13 …

Albert Einstein

Apart from being a scientists of remarkable genius, he also proved that when one is determined to achieve his goal, simply nothing can stop him

Albert Einstein

He revolutionized our ideas about time and space and is best known for his theory of relativity and his equation E=mc^2, which explains the relationship between energy and mass

Who Was Albert Einstein?

Everyone has heard of Albert Einstein-but what exactly did he do? How much do kids really know about Albert Einstein besides the funny hair and genius label? For instance, do they know that he was expelled from school as a kid? Finally, here's the story of Albert Einstein's life, told in a fun, engaging way that clearly explores the world he lived in and changed

The Ultimate Quotable Einstein

This is the definitive edition of the hugely popular collection of Einstein quotations that has sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide and been translated into twenty-five languages.

The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein

This translation does not include notes or annotation of the documentary volume and is not intended for use without the original language documentary edition which provides the extensive editorial commentary necessary for a full historical and scientific understanding of the documents

Albert Einstein

General relativity, which has for a long time been viewed as an outsider among physical theories because of its mathematical difficulty and complexity, is considered now to be the prototype of theories in the fields of elementary particle physics and even solid state physics

Albert Einstein

In a book that is both an engaging portrait of a genius and a distillation of scientific thought, Folsing sheds light on Einstein's development and the complexity of his being

Subtle is the Lord

The profound transformation Einstein's ideas effected on the physics of the turn of the century is here laid out for the serious reader

Albert Einstein

Einstein on Cosmic Religion and Other Opinions and Aphorisms

Einstein's essays explore science as the basis for a "cosmic" religion, embraced by all who share a sense of wonder in the universe. Additional topics include pacifism, disarmament, and Zionism.

Odd Boy Out

When he was older, he hit his sister, bothered his teachers, and didn’t have many friends


THUS SPOKE EINSTEIN on LIFE and LIVING Wisdom of Albert Einstein in the Context Selected, Edited, and Commented by V

The Born-Einstein letters

Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity

Traces the life and work of the physicist whose theory of relativity revolutionized scientific thinking

Albert Einstein, The Human Side

Modesty, humor, compassion, and wisdom are the traits most evident in this illuminating selection of personal papers from the Albert Einstein Archives.

The Meaning of Relativity

As subsequent editions were brought out by the Press, Einstein included new material amplifying the theory

Albert Einstein and His Theory of Relativity

An introduction to the life and career of the eminent German- American physicist Albert Einstein.

I Am Albert Einstein

Presents the life of the world-renowned German scientist, describing how his life-long curiosity and ability to question accepted theories led him to develop his famous theory of relatvitiy and win the Noble Prize for Physics.

Albert Einstein

Presents the life and accomplishments of the German physicist whose theory of relativity had a profound effect on modern views of space and time


’ Sunday Telegraph ‘Isaacson is excellent at explaining the science

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