Little Monsters

With every page turn I had a new theory about what was going on because these characters just kept me guessing

I thought i knew where the plot was heading and who the culprit was

Sometimes they act irrationally and a lot of the time I want to jump in the book and just shake them for the decisions they were making


Monsters Inc. Time, 23 May 2011: 58 60 In March 2012, Gaga launched an invite-only social
networking site for her fans, Gaga's music, buy tickets for her shows,
communicate with each other, and, on occasion, talk to Lady Gaga herself ( Little Monster Mash

This essay uses the 2012 film Beasts of the Southern Wild to investigate the lingering investments in race and sovereignty that one encounters in fables of queer rewilding. Exploring the genealogy of the mythical aurochs as it is reanimated in both dramatic and

Despite the legions of ideas about how to improve software quality, much commercial software remains untrustworthy. In this article, the authors make the case for at least taking small steps toward improved quality by using silver bullets" corrective actions or methods" to

This book is about stories of consumption beyond the culture-economy divide. By bringing along Actor Network Theory, entities that in conventional approaches are taken for granted, such as consumers, goods and companies proves to be unstable assemblages of humans

Page 1. Manufacturing monsters And all the little monsters said in a chorus: You must kiss us.
What It takes little for generals, civil servants, politicians and lawyers to negotiate with ex-monsters.
The personal lives of victims, survivors and their families demand much more

monsters said in a chorus: You must kiss us. What! You who are evil, Ugly and uncivil. You who
are cruel, Afraid and needy, Uncouth and seedy. Yes, moody and greedy

Scholars increasingly recognize the centrality of legal ideas and language to the political vision that inspires American conservatism. However, relevant studies have been limited to the discursive practices that motivate conservative activism at the grass-root level

This paper challenges common representations of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans* and Queer) music fans, broadening the scope by considering a variety of LGBTQ individuals and fandoms. With this aim, we discuss the narratives on being a fan in six life stories of

El art culo expone las implicaciones de dos formas de explorar la potencia de la imagen. De un lado, actualizando la perspectiva de la Bildwissenschaft (ciencia de la imagen) y, por otro, criticando la presencia y producci n de im genes con aparente penetraci n de

High resolution radio observations of Seyferts, starbursts, and ELFs are presented which suggest that (i) starburst galaxies do not generally possess a Seyfert-like core,(ii) some ELFs do have a Seyfert core, but only those with a Seyfert-like spectrum,(iii) other ELFs are more

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