Physics in Context


The practical approach helps to make science meaningful – ideal for students planning to study science at university

Covering the latest Cambridge A Level Physics syllabus (9702), this digital resource supports advanced science skills

The digital student book includes support for the new Key Concepts -developing Cambridge students' subject knowledge and encouraging them to make links between topics.

How Einstein Created Relativity out of Physics and Astronomy

Treading a fine line between the popular and technical (but not shying away from the occasional equation), this book explains the entire range of relativity and weaves an up-to-date biography of Einstein throughout

Physics of Emergence and Organization

Physics of Emergence and Organization is an interdisciplinary source of reference for students and experts whose interests cross over to complexity issues

The Physics of Duns Scotus

The book contains detailed discussion and analysis of Scotus'saccounts of the nature of matter; the structure of material substance; mass; the nature of space, time, and motion; quantitative and qualitative change; and the various sorts of unity which can be exhibited by different kinds of whole

The Priority of Locomotion in Aristotle s Physics

In order to arrive at such an understanding, however, one needs to look at the
context in which the discussion of the priority claim is embedded. For, Aristotle
certainly had very good reasons for framing this discussion in its respective
context in …

Physics in Context

Its goal is to break the "physics barrier" by helping both the middle majority and top 25% of students learn physics

Physics in Context

Physics in Context: The Forces of Life Second Edition meets the requirements of the NSW Physics Stage 6 revised syllabus, offering students a comprehensive text for the Preliminary course

Tensor Calculus for Physics

But the true beauty of tensors lies in this fact: When coordinates are transformed from one system to another, tensors change according to the same rules as the coordinates

How Can Physics Underlie the Mind?

In particular it explores the idea of top-down causation, which is the key effect allowing the emergence of true complexity and also enables the causal efficacy of non-physical entities, including the value of money, social conventions, and ethical choices

Contributions from Science Education Research

INSTRUCTION IN GERMANY Abstract: The theoretical framework and
preliminary results of various evaluation measures of a German program to
improve the quality of …

Principles of Physics: A Calculus-Based Text

Jewett have revised the Fifth Edition of PRINCIPLES OF PHYSICS to include a new worked example format, new biomedical applications, two new Contexts features, a revised problem set based on an analysis of problem usage data from WebAssign, and a thorough revision of every piece of line art in the text

Physics in Context for Cambridge International AS and a Level 2nd Edition

The practical approach helps to make science meaningful – ideal for students planning to study science at university

How to Pass Higher Physics: Second Edition

… an understanding of the role of physics in scientific issues and relevant
applications of physics develop scientific inquiry and investigative skills
develop scientific analytical thinking skills, including scientific evaluation, in a
physics context …

Einstein in Context

lighten the teaching load for the one and only physics professor, who is required
to teach in the areas of experimental physics, theoretical physics, and subjects
from the border regions of chemical and mathematical physics. It is agreed, the …

Physics in Context for Cambridge International as & a Level

Mapped to the latest Cambridge A level physics syllabus, this comprehensive print and digital student book pack supports students with its stretching, problem solving approach

The Six Core Theories of Modern Physics

Professionals in such quantitative sciences as chemistry, engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, and biophysics who need to brush up on the essentials of a particular area will find most of the required background material, including the mathematics

Second International Handbook of Science Education

It covers the diverse theories and methods that have been a foundation for science education and continue to characterize this field

Frontiers in Number Theory, Physics, and Geometry II

It is this second statement that controls the ambiguity inherent to the
renormalization group in the physics context, where there is no prefered choice of
local regular section . In that context, the group is G = Difg(T), and the principal
bundle B …

Teaching and Learning of Physics in Cultural Contexts

LIMOOK LEE Department of Physics Education , Chonnam National University …

Methodological Aspects of the Development of Low Temperature Physics 1881 1956

While the merits of the different candidates were compared, we were amazed to realize that neither the phenomena of the very small nor those of the very large could compete with the phenomena of the very cold

Einstein's Physics

We show why Einstein's papers were decisive to our understanding of matter as composed of molecules and atoms; why is he regarded as a foundingfather of quantum theory; how did his relativity theory bring about the new understanding that time, just like space, is relative; and how did his general relativity extend Newton's theory to new physical realm, allowing us to study black holes and cosmology

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