”—Juliet and Kelly Starrett, New York Times bestselling author, and cofounders of San Francisco CrossFit and MobilityWOD“Dr

Awesome information! A must-read for any female athlete, whether you're competitive or just doing it to get/stay in shape and have fun working out!Update: I had a skin-fold test done when I got the book, and again after 6 weeks, and I've lost 4

I've wondered why I don't recover after climbing, or what I can do to make it to the very top of a challenge, and not wear out just shy of a goal

OBJECTIVE–To examine the association between dyspeptic symptoms and endoscopic and histological diagnoses. DESIGN–Cross sectional study of people with dyspepsia and controls matched for age and sex identified by questionnaire survey of all inhabitants aged …

As the performance in terms of power conversion efficiency and operational stability for polymer and organic solar cells is rapidly approaching the key 10–10 targets (10% efficiency and 10 years of stability) the quest for efficient, scalable, and rational processing methods …

Converging evidence and new research methodologies from across the neurosciences permit the neuroscientific study of the role of sleep in off-line memory reprocessing, as well as the nature and function of dreaming. Evidence supports a role for sleep in the …

The handbook gives a brief introduction to gas explosion safety, based on current knowledge of the subject and on experience in applying this knowledge to practical problems in the industry. The handbook consists of four major parts: The sections in the first …

Context There are no controlled studies on surgical treatment of diffuse low-grade gliomas (LGGs), and management is controversial. Objective To examine survival in population-based parallel cohorts of LGGs from 2 Norwegian university hospitals with different surgical …

With the prospect of extremely fast manufacture of very low cost devices, organic electronics prepared by thin film processing techniques that are compatible with roll‐to‐roll (R2R) methods are presently receiving an increasing interest. Several technologies using organic …

A solar park based on polymer solar cells is described and analyzed with respect to performance, practicality, installation speed, and energy payback time. It is found that a high voltage installation where solar cells are all printed in series enables an installation rate in …

The activity that takes place in memory systems during sleep is likely to be related to the role of sleep in memory consolidation and learning, as well as to the generation of dream hallucinations. This study addressed the often-stated hypothesis that replay of whole …

This diary study adds to the leadership literature by examining the daily influence of transformational leadership, contingent reward, and active management‐by‐exception (MBE active) on followers' daily work engagement. We compare the unique contribution of …

ContextGastroesophageal reflux and obesity are both increasing in prevalence. The scientific evidence for an association between these conditions is sparse and contradictory. A difference between sexes concerning this relation has been proposed. ObjectiveTo …

Bodybuilding For Beginners

A 12-Week Program to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Ride a Wave

High priority weight loss plan for lean and perfect body, which is based on a fit formula and quality (Book)


By turns sly, whimsical, and affecting, these thirty short stories are a dynamic examination of what it means to be a woman in this very moment


"A little boy is determined to prove that he is a dragon in this story about friendship and fitting in"–

12-Week Food Journal and Fitness Tracker

Track Eating, Plan Meals, and Set Diet and Exercise Goals for Optimal Weight Loss


Popular political news commentator Scottie Nell Hughes tackles the myth of the weak and meek conservative American woman with a fighting spirit that refuses to be intimidated by the mainstream media.

15-Minute Body Fix

15-Minute Exercises & Workouts to Help Resize Your Thighs, Blast Belly Fat & Sculpt Lean Arms!

Run to the Roar

Veteran missionary pilot Joe Hurston uses a lion's characteristics to teach life changing spiritual principles while demonstrating the leadership principles of perseverance and confidence in the face of difficulty to fulfill God's plan for your life


Bindi, Robert, and Terri Irwin travel to Sumatra to collect three tiger cubs to take back to the Australia Zoo, but find themselves also involved in tracking down a gang of dangerous tiger poachers


Bold lions love roar, roar, roaring, while cubs play—racing, chasing, scrambling over lionesses and——tumbling. So roar, bold lions, roar! ospo! Meet all your favorite wild animals in this colorful book, jam-packed with spunky monkeys, wrinkly …

Here Comes the Roar

The three stories and short novel contains in this book blend imagination and humour


A long, long time ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Beginning

Children will discover the answer as the two characters ride rhinos, meet the angel Michael, and talk to a certain snake in the Garden of Eden. Riveting text and engaging illustrations bring this beloved Bible story to riotous life.

The Roar of Silence

The therapeutic power of sound is inherent in everyone


It will leave all readers howling with laughter!

The Roar

Twins Mika and Ellie live in a future behind a wall, safe from the plague animals that live beyond.


And, true to form, not a tad of adventurous dust is left behind when readers embark on this exciting journey! From the Trade Paperback edition

The Silence and the Roar

Fathi Chin, a writer whose work has been banned by the authoritarian government, gets caught in a bureaucratic labyrinth when his identification papers are taken after he attempts to help a student being beaten by police

The Health and Fitness Book


Aurora Pavan comes from one of the oldest Stormling families in existence



Animal friends play under the moonlight.

TIME 100 Healthiest Foods to Satisfy Your Hunger


ROAR is a comprehensive, physiology-based nutrition and training guide specifically designed for active women


How to Roar

She's not some cold psychologist, but rather a pet owner herself who dealt with her own painful journey through the grieving process

Flex Life

How to Transform Your Body Forever

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