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Literary legends Stan and Jan Berenstain take readers for a ride in this classic Beginner Book edited by Dr

Literary legends Stan and Jan Berenstain take readers for a ride in this classic Beginner Book edited by Dr. Seuss.

Small Bear has a new bike, but before he can ride it, his dad insists on a teaching him about bike safety


The bike-sharing scheme can be seen as an effective way of doing so, particularly in Asian
cities Semi-structured interviews are used to examine the main factors motivating and
impeding the development of the bike-sharing scheme in Shanghai Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images Page 2. When I became New York City's
Transportation commissioner in 2007, our streets had only 220 miles of bike lanes, and you might
not have noticed any of them Politicians learned the lesson: Bikes were bad politics

question-answer interactions. Wellen and Broen (1982) developed 30 questions at
each of three levels of difficulty (easy, harder, hardest) for a storybook, The Bike Lesson
(Berenstain & Berenstain, 1964). Identical procedures were

Brushed behind the bike shed: working class lesbians' experiences of school or un/stable
identification as 'a lesbian' was already a layered negotiation whereby the material, cultural best
sex education was taught in a brief and embarrassing one off lesson, which emphasised

To answer these questions, a set of 30 questions vary- ing in difficulty was developed for
the storybook, The Bike Lesson (Berenstain & Berenstain, 1964) 8, 1965. BERENSTAIN,
S. BERENSTAIN, J. The bike lesson. NY: Random House, Inc., 1964

In 2014, Seattle implemented its own bike-sharing system, Pronto. However, the system ultimately ceased operation three years later on March 17th, 2017. To learn from this failure, this paper seeks to understand factors that encourage, or discourage, bike-sharing trip

Daniel J. Givelber**** Introduction: Subway Science During the decade that the senior

and bicycle safety materials developed by NHTSA. BikeSafe staff adapted on-bike
activities from the LAB manuals into off-bike activities that emphasized the principles
of each lesson. The 2-finger helmet rule was sourced

There are equally a range of cross-national lesson-learning cited, from the use of pledge cards
across the UK, Australia and New Zealand (Collins 2006), newsletters As you pull out, you see
that the bike is propped up on two sets of concrete blocks, and it's not going anywhere

Although the teaching experiment was very short – just one lesson – the results confirm that
the percentage bar is a powerful model that deserves a central place in the teaching of
percentages. Keywords: percentage, model, design research The bike

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