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From the author of the New York Times bestseller The Girls of Atomic City comes the fascinating true story behind the magnificent Gilded Age mansion Biltmore—the largest, grandest residence ever built in the United States

Some of the chapters got into deep detail, which might not be interesting to some people, but since most of it was new to me, I found it interesting, because no other book I've read, including "Lady on the Hill" delved as deeply in the lives of people who, for the most part, were unknown to me– not the famous, but the teachers and forrest workers who taught at the schools on the grounds

Perhaps the author's biggest challenge, partially met, was to make G

… Under the weight of the golden crown and cloak, which Bluebeard makes her wear, with falteringfeet she steps over the threshold of the last secret and the heavy doors slowly close behind her.The castle is again enveloped by darkness and Bluebeard fades from our view …

… most recent the 1960s, the Public Works Department were the last to use This content downloadedfrom on Tue, 19 Jun 2018 23:21:33 UTC All use subject to Page 3. NOTES AND COMMUNICATIONS 269 of Cape Coast Castle as stores …

… Fungi were isolated from selected areas of two medieval wall paintings in the chapel of the castleof Herberstein and the parish church … Since the last restoration of the paintings in 1950, the chapelof Herberstein has been neglected and the walls have been significantly affected …

… In the last fifty years, landslides were recurring in different sections along the Danube. Since 2006mass movements happened regularly along the southern section of Danubian bluffs. AtDunaszekcso up to 20 % of the Castle Hill was destroyed (Ujvari et al. 2009; Bugya et al …

… Communication System: Using Diamonds to Guard the Castle OHAD RODEH Hebrew UniversityKENNETH P. BIRMAN Cornell University and DANNY DOLEV Hebrew University … In this model,the “good guys” are protected by a castle from the hordes of barbarians outside …

… General Hospital, Sheffield Herr Hsin Tsai, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Castle Hill Hospital,Cottingham JP Vasani, Specialist Registrar, Castle Hill Hospital … Preface Both upper and lowergastrointestinal (GI) physiology have come of age over the last few years, both in the …

The Last Days of Dublin Castle The Mark Sturgis Diaries, Mark. The last days of Dublin Castle: the Mark Sturgis diaries / edited by Michael A. Hopkinson. Published: Dublin Irish Academic Press, 1999. Subjects: Sturgis The Last Days of Dublin Castle: The Mark Sturgis Diaries …

… Having been driven lower and lower in the social scale, with decreasing hopes notonly of reaching the Castle but even of remaining in the village, K. is subject to a finalirony extraneous to the novel-a last view of him laughing last …

… A castle at the river Amstel has been described in historical documents but the castle itselfhas never been found. Large oak beams were found protruding from the brickwork … In addition,30 sapwood rings (including the last formed ring) were counted …

… Katharina Morik Jean-Francois Boulicaut Arno Siebes (Eds.) Local Pattern Detection InternationalSeminar Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, April 12-16 … Preface Introduction The dramatic increase inavailable computer storage capacity over the last 10 years has led to the creation of …

The Pale-Faced Lie

A True Story

The Castle in the Attic

A gift of a toy castle, complete with silver knight, introduces William to an adventure involving magic and a personal quest.

The Glass Castle

The child of an alcoholic father and an eccentric artist mother discusses her family's nomadic upbringing, during which she and her siblings fended for themselves while their parents outmaneuvered bill collectors and the authorities.

Castle Gripsholm

A deal is eventually struck and the story is off- about Peter, a writer, and his girlfriend Lydia (aka the Princess), and a summer vacation from the hurly-burly of Berlin

The Very Last Castle

While the other townspeople fear what may be locked up inside the mysterious castle, the girl finally gets up the courage to knock on the door and find out what’s really behind the gate

The Truth in My Lies (Secrets of Suburbia Book 1)

The Girls of Atomic City

That is, until the end of the war—when Oak Ridge’s secret was revealed

The Last Palace

From that discovery unspooled the twisting, captivating tale of four of the remarkable people who had called this palace home


The Last Tsarist Dynasty

The Last Frontier

The story of the Cheyenne Indians in the 1870s, and their bitter struggle to flee from the Indian Territory in Oklahoma back to their home in Wyoming and Montana

Israel's Edge

The Story of The IDF's Most Elite Unit – Talpiot

The Bride's Trunk

A Story of War and Reconciliation

The Castle in the Forest

”—Life “Mailer is fierce, courageous, and reckless and nearly everything he writes has sections of headlong brilliance

I Capture the Castle

She fills three notebooks with sharply funny yet poignant entries

The Last Castle in Brooklyn

She enters the castle and both her life and the children's lives are changed forever

The Man in the High Castle

The few Jews who still survive hide under assumed names

Women of Means

The Fascinating Biographies of Royals, Heiresses, Eccentrics and Other Poor Little Rich Girls

The Last Castle

This is the fascinating, “soaring and gorgeous” (Karen Abbott) story of how the largest house in America flourished, faltered, and ultimately endured to this day.

The Castle on Sunset

" –Vanity Fair "I want to live inside this book!" –Taylor Jenkins Reid The definitive history of Hollywood's most iconic, storied, and scandalous hotel For ninety years, Hollywood's brightest stars have favored the Chateau Marmont as a home away from home

The Last Castle

Features Jack Vance's novel of humanity's final stand and Robert Silverberg's tale of the watcher's journey after invaders from outer space gain control of the Earth

Spy in the House of Anaïs Nin

Secrets of the Last Castle

When Elizabeth Campbell represents a young man accused of murdering an elderly woman, her investigation leads to an abandoned plantation that reveals many dark Southern secrets.

The Last Castle

The summer waxed warm. On June 30 Janeil and Hagedorn celebrated the Fête of Flowers, even though the dike was rising high around Janeil. Shortly after, Xanten flew six select Birds into Castle Janeil by night, and proposed to the council …

We Have Always Lived in the Castle

They have also composed a nasty s

The Outpost

Four months after the battle, a Pentagon review revealed that there was no reason for the troops at Keating to have been there in the first place

The Lost Castle

Instead, the beloved woman begins speaking

The Last Battle

The Last Battle tells the nearly unbelievable story of the unlikeliest battle of the war, when a small group of American tankers, led by Captain Lee, joined forces with German soldiers to fight off fanatical SS troops seeking to capture …

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