The Shift

We see a steady increase in ill health and chronic diseases

The Shift addresses 3 major focuses of Integrative Dental Medicine (IDM) : Oral & Systemic Infection & Inflammation, Airway & Breathing Disorders, TMJ & Dental Occlusion Disorders

Looking Forwad to “The Shift” I just ordered my copy


The Shift

The Shift provides inspiring examples of how leading marketers are getting it done

The Entrepreneur Dentist

How to Exit Your Dental Business Rich

The Shift That Is Man and Woman Balance

Anderson began these writings in 1971

Connected: The Shift

Dimkur dug into the deep robes and took out a mobile balance shift counter, the massive holographic numbers bobbing in the air like buoys on an invisible sea. Aswa-da watched as the numbers plunged. Within a few seconds, the balance …

The Shift

Sedona is well-known as a very spiritual place

The Shift

. Theresa Brown helps us understand the dramas and the dangers as the beautifully evocative stories of nurses and doctors, patients and family members, overlap and entwine during a twelve-hour shift.” —Perri Klass, MD, author of …

How to Buy a Dental Practice

A Step-by-step Guide to Finding, Analyzing, and Purchasing the Right Practice For You

The Concussion Repair Manual

A Practical Guide to Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries

Invariant Subspaces of the Shift Operator

From many points of view, the Dirichlet space is an interesting and challenging example of a function space


With its three-hour-long contests, 162-game seasons, and countless measurable variables, baseball is a sport which lends itself to self-reflection and obsessive analysis

MoonStone: The Shift

Could she? Would she? Kidnapped and left for dead, hundreds of miles from her home, Jessica learns that she is a key player in a world she never knew existed

The Shift Key

The Shift

The eyes, which shined out like lit up windows of a house at night, seemed to shift change size, taking the shape of small crescents, and then to large oval eyes that would belong on a gorgeous young woman. As it looked upon me, I could not …

The Shift to Modernity

To put it more sharply, this study claims that each uses Christ as the hermeneutical key for interpreting Creation, and that each does so in an effort to remain true to the faith handed down from the past while maintaining intellectual integrity in the present

The Shift

The fate of the world depends on it—the weaponized-virus ravaging America is mutating and time is running out for mankind

Make the Shift to Success

“There are not many people who have the consciousness of mind to realise one’s past doesn’t equal their future

The Shift

However, as the writing progressed, I felt the Lord directing me to write the story of my journey from religion in the Roman Catholic tradition to a Bible-based, personal relationship with God as the creator of the universe

The Depression Workbook With Yoga Secrets

Use the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga for Relief from Depression, Anxiety, and Stress.

Peace with Sweets

The Healthy & Fresh Way to Manage Sugar Intake and Reduce Sugar Cravings


’s Complete Guide to Prescribing Pediatric Drug Therapy 2019

Misch's Contemporary Implant Dentistry

The Shift

“Know thyself” is a leitmotiv throughout all great wisdom traditions

Clearing Your Karma Before the Shift

People looking for God's peace will discover healing tools designed to clear their fears

Differential Diagnosis for the Advanced Practice Nurse

The Shift

A New York Times bestselling author and contributing editor to Success, Tory lives in New York with her husband and their teenage twins

The Shift

Yet these falls or low points provide the energy we need to move away from ego and into a life of meaning and purpose

Comment développer l'autodiscipline dans le sport

Techniques et stratégies pratiques pour développer des habitudes sportives à vie (French Edition)

Prophesy, Challenge & Blessing: Visions of 2012 & the Shift

He tells of the events that prepared him to promote Woodstock, of his experience of organizing the musicians for the concert, preparing them before they went on stage, and of course, his own take on what Woodstock meant to his generation and what it continues to mean for all those who appreciate what occured those three magical days in August 1969

The Shift

A Simple yet Profound Shift Seeing people as people is an idea so simple you'll swear you've heard it a million times but so profound you'll never stop learning from it

EKGs for the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant, Second Edition

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